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The Toronto Hearing Centre is fully equipped to provide a full line of free hearing tests and services in North York, Toronto, and the GTA.

Hearing Test & Hearing Aid Solutions Toronto, North York

Diagnostic Free Hearing Test in Toronto / North York & GTA

A hearing test examines your hearing. It determines whether you are developing hearing loss, and to what extent. The assessment also includes a determination of a possible reason for the hearing impairment.  A hearing test is also a great way to obtain a baseline of your current hearing levels as a means for comparison with future hearing test results.

A hearing test assessment comes with no obligation. If a hearing aid is necessary, your professionals at the Toronto Hearing Centre will be able to provide you with detailed advice that will allow you to choose the best hearing aid technology to meet your listening needs.

Hearing Aids Toronto, North York & GTA

Hearing aid options Toronto, North YorkChoosing an appropriate hearing aid depends on several factors, including the degree of your hearing loss, your personal lifestyle requirements, your preference, and your ear anatomy. It is a decision that is completely customized, and the process is guided by your personal preferences and budget. The Toronto Hearing Centre will provide you with the most suitable hearing aid options!

If you are interested in information regarding funding available for hearing aids Click Here.

Custom Earmolds

Swimmers’ Plugs Toronto, North YorkSwimmers’ Plugs
 – Made of a soft silicone material that provides an excellent seal to the ear canal and helps to prevent water from entering the ear (e.g. for children with myringotomy or ventilation tubes, or for individuals with chronic Otitis Externa/infections).

Sleeping Molds Toronto, North YorkSleep Molds – Useful for individuals who have difficulty comfortably-wearing traditional foam or wax plugs and want to reduce background noise while sleeping. Custom-fitted molds for individuals who are “light sleepers”, spouses of snorers, and people who sleep with traffic noise nearby.

Noise Plugs Toronto, North YorkNoise Plugs – Provides excellent attenuation of noise, or reduction of sound, when exposed to high-level noise.

Sentinel Mold – For maximum protection, used for all types of industrial and recreational activities. The best choice when attenuation (hearing protection) is the most important requirement, and ability to communicate is not as important.

Noise Breaker Toronto, North YorkNoise Breaker – Similar to the Sentinel Mold except that there is a small filter positioned inside a sound bore. The best choice when attenuation is needed along with the ability to still hear some low-frequency sounds. 

Musicians’ Earplugs Toronto, North YorkMusicians’ Earplugs – Custom-fit and made with a specialized filter that replicates the natural response of the ear canal. The music is heard at a softer volume, but the quality/clarity of the sound remains unchanged (i.e. music will not sound “muffled”, as it does with standard foam plugs).

Pilots’ Molds – A custom earmold for pilots to use with a standard receiver headset.

Custom earmolds & iPods Toronto, North YorkCustom earmolds for use with mp3 players & iPods – Standard ear plugs can now be integrated with a custom-fit earmold to improve retention so that they don’t fall out of your ears (e.g. when at the gym, when running, etc…).

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