Signia has launched a brand new platform that they are calling the Xperience range. The platform has several new features which many are excited about already. These are the first hearing aids to use Motion sensors to change how sound is presented. Let’s take a look at both the devices and the features on offer.

New Model Designs, New App

Pure Charge&Go IX revolutionizes the way you engage in conversations with Signia Integrated Xperience. As the world’s first hearing aid with a multi-stream architecture, it accurately identifies multiple moving individuals in real time. It seamlessly adapts to enhance their speech and diminish background noise, even as they move or the wearer turns their head.

Signia IX Pure Charge Go IX blackSignia IX Pure Charge Go IX chargers

The Xperience platform offers the new Pure 312 X (with optional T-Coil) and rechargeable Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids in three levels of technology. It also brings brand-new, all-in-one smartphone app offering greater convenience for users.

Pure 312 X Xperience

The Benefits

With the new YourSound technology, Signia Xperience hearing aids have access to more variables. It is a simple equation, the more you know about the variables in a situation, the better you can plan to deal with them. The same can be said about hearing aids that provide the best sound possible. Signia say that the built-in motion sensor will allow them to take into consideration how the wearer’s movement affects their hearing in each situation.

They have also introduced new technology which means the hearing aids no longer have to decide between focusing on what is directly in front of the wearer or in the general surroundings. The new system offers the wearer a more natural experience. They can continue benefit from the proper amount of frontal focus, while still being able to hear relevant speech from other directions.

Signia say the three key features of YourSound technology are:

  • Acoustic-motion sensors for a complete analysis of each wearer’s dynamic soundscape
  • Dynamic Soundscape Processing for natural sound and speech from any direction, in any situation – even when moving
  • Own Voice Processing (OVP™) for a natural sounding own voice

New Chipset, Smaller & More Powerful

The new Signia Xperience chip includes 80% more transistors and seven times the memory of the previous Signia Nx chip, while also being 60% smaller. As a result, the first two hearing aids on the platform, the Pure® 312 X and the Pure® Charge&Go X, are smaller yet more powerful than their predecessors.

Signa Pure X ChargeNGo Rechargeable

GN ReSound Reveals ‘Made for iPhone’ LiNX Hearing Aid

Hearing-aid-technology-iphoneDanish company GN ReSound has officially unveiled its new iOS-controlled hearing aid, dubbed the ReSound LiNX.

The ReSound LiNX uses Bluetooth technology to pair an ear piece with Apple gadgets to stream voice communications and music. In a demo video, ReSound framed them as “wireless stereo headphones that just happen to be your hearing aids,” and showed users placing FaceTime calls and listening to Music on iOS devices, both of which were much easier to hear with the LiNX.

“We saw an opportunity to create the world’s best hearing aid by combining the capability of GN ReSound’s life-changing technologies with the compatibility and global prevalence of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch,” GN ReSound CEO Lars Viksmoen said in a statement.

Hearing-aid-technology-iosReSound said the LiNX is a “Made for iPhone hearing aid,” a reference to Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) licensing program, which provides accessory makers with the hardware components, tools, documentation, technical support, and certification logos needed to integrate with iOS devices.

ReSound said the LiNX is the smallest wireless device it has ever manufactured, but promised it is “powerful enough to address 90 percent of all hearing losses.” The LiNX comes in 10 hair colours and skin tones to reduce visibility when placed behind the ear. It also sports five receiver lengths for a precise physical fit and an iSolate Nanotech coating to repel water.

Hearing-aid-technology-resound-linxThe accompanying ReSound Smart App for iOS allows users to set preferred volumes, as well as treble/bass, and use geo-tagging to save adjustments made in frequently visited places, like home, work, favourite restaurants, or the movie theater.

The application also features a “Find My Hearing Aid” function to help pinpoint a misplaced speaker device.

“We are committed to improving people’s lives through use of innovative technology and look forward to more people correcting their hearing with this new technology—a triumph in accessibility for the hearing impaired”.