Try Our Online Hearing Loss Questionnaire

Please answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.

1. I have trouble understanding conversation in a busy, noisy or distracting environment.

2. I must turn up the volume on the television or the radio very high to understand.

3. I have difficulty following conversations when several people are talking at the same time.

4. I have trouble understanding if people talk too fast.

5. I have trouble locating where sounds are coming from.

6. I don't Always hear when someone knocks at the door.

7. I have trouble hearing the phone ring if I am in another room of the house.

8. If I can't see the face of the person I am speaking with it's difficult for me to understand what they are saying.

9. I have trouble understanding conversation over the telephone.

10. I have trouble understanding if someone speaks to me from another room.

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