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Our Goal at the Toronto Hearing Centre is to offer those who have a hearing loss professional, courteous and helpful service. We are a leading provider of affordable, quality hearing aids to the Toronto and North York regions. We carry the most advanced, comfortable, and virtually invisible digital technology available and help both adults and children diagnose and treat their hearing difficulties. In addition to providing to our clients products with the latest hearing aid technology, Toronto Hearing Centre also offers the counseling and support necessary to improve an individuals quality of life through better hearing. A doctor’s referral is not required to book an appointment and we can generally see you within a week of your call. All prescriptions for hearing instruments are made following a comprehensive audiological evaluation by our audiologist.

Hearing aids are considered medical devices and are regulated by the Ministry of Health (MOH). All residents with a valid OHIP card are entitled to receive assistance from the ministries ADP program to help cover the cost of a hearing device. To learn more about the Assistive Devices program (ADP) please click here. To learn more about hearing aids and how the Toronto Hearing Centre can help you, please call us today: 647-436-7376

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